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Accessibility is the practice of making your learning experience usable by as many people as possible. Please download the accessible syllabus template in order to have an inclusive syllabus. This syllabus meets formatting and screen reader accessibility standards and includes necessary Robert H. Smith and UMD policy language.

For more information on digital accessibility and to inquire about faculty training, visit The Division of Information Technology.

Accessibility and Disability Services Office

UMCP’s Accessibility and Disability Services Office is an excellent resources for faculty and students alike to access information about testing/course accommodations. As a faculty member, it is our responsibility to be well prepared and aware of these services in order to support students who require accommodations and ensure they can succeed. If you have any questions about accommodations or the accommodations process, please contact the ADS front desk at 301-314-7682 or email

Accessibility Protocol

  • Keep student privacy as a top priority when dealing with accommodation requirements
    • Never address it with a student during class-time
    • Ask questions directly to the student not to friends or group-members
    • Never share accommodation letters with others
  • How to Access a Student's Accommodation Letter
  • Remind students on canvas, in your syllabus, and during the semester to bring their ADS form to you in order to sign it and prepare any assignment adjustments. In order to facilitate those adjustments at the testing office:
    • Utilize the ADS Online Instructor Portal
    • Confirm student test/exam requests (i.e., date and time)
    • Complete the required Test Authorization Form (TAF) on the portal to provide instructions for administering the test/exam
    • Upload a copy of your upcoming test, exam, or quiz
    • Email with any questions (as early as possible in the semester!) For all final exam and other test-related questions, email

Accessible PowerPoints

Download the following accessible templates to update your course materials or presentations.

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