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Teaching Portfolios & Evals

Excellent teaching is constantly evolving. Detailing your teaching journey requires opportunities to showcase, reflect upon, improve, and evaluate your instruction. The following tools will be useful in navigating that process!

Preparing a Teaching Portfolio

UMCP’s Teaching and Learning Transformation Center (TLTC) offers excellent portfolio resources for faculty who are in the process of building up their teaching portfolio, including sample portfolios and intensive portfolio development workshops. 

Student Course Evaluations

Students are a rich source of ideas for improving a course, but often we can be left feeling unsure of what students mean in their course evaluations or how to respond to the information. One of the best ways to optimize your student feedback is to include a mid-course evaluation, as this provides time to discuss feedback with your students and implement changes. In fact, research suggests that use of mid-course evaluations is associated with more positive end-of-course evaluations.

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