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Academic Integrity

At Maryland Smith, we share a common commitment to “doing the right things, the right way.” We want to communicate this value to our students, especially as it pertains to their academic performance. We need to clearly express our expectation that students will behave with integrity, and hold them accountable for violations. This doesn’t just benefit our students now – it will one day benefit their careers, corporations and communities.

Ensuring Academic Integrity

Below are best practices related to preventing and dealing with academic integrity in the classroom.

Violations Protocol and How to Report It

View the The Conduct Process: A Guide for Instructors from OSC. If you suspect a student has violated academic integrity, contact The Office of Student Conduct and do not try to handle it yourself. Follow the steps below:

  • Use this form to report an academic integrity violation
  • Do not grade an assignment suspected of academic dishonesty
  • If you suspect a violation during an exam, do not prevent the student from completing the exam
  • The outcome of the hearing process will let you know how to grade the assignment
  • If the case occurs at the end of the semester and you need to post grades, use an “NG” (no grade) until the case has been resolved

Remember that any suspected incidences of academic integrity violations should not be discussed with the student or other faculty members.

Syllabus Language

You can access, copy, and edit the Maryland Smith-approved sample syllabus language on Academic Integrity below.

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